About us

Because everyone is complex, all individual issues are interlaced. That’s why solidarity services are depending on partnership, between health, social, rights, education, vocational training, handicap, age, public bodies, housing associations, or NGO’s. In that perspective, we never know enough our environment, their constraint, their internal rules and customs, their specific ethics.
This is sometimes negative for the quality of services and for the quality of relationship between stakeholders.
We can always learn, from those who do the same job and from those who do related jobs. We can learn from those who share our territory and community, and from those who are farer, in our country and beyond. Because our services need permanent upgrading.
This is how IMMERSION was born, in May 2019, under Housing First framework in the Lyon Metropolitan Region : a platform to link up, to facilitate short term professional plunges, from 2 to 5 days, in public services, NGO’s, Housing Associations, Health Services, Rights Defenders,…

Let’s take few clicks to discover each other and to learn from each other !

IMMERSION is a service offered by Bradley Corp, on an initiative from Metropole de Lyon, under the frame of acceleration of Housing First Implementation.